Friday, 3 August 2018

The Dark Destroyer!

My youngest cat Sirius came to join our little family about five months ago. He can be really sweet and cuddly, and of course like any kitten, he's playful and curious about everything that goes on around him, he also has a strange little habit of wanting to suckle on my right earlobe! He picks his moments carefully - usually when my hands are busy, so I end up trying to complete a task while trying to defend my right ear from a very determined kitten... and I also have no idea why he always goes for my right ear and never the left one...?

His nickname of the Dark Destroyer (or DD for short) was given to him by one of my friends and is actually quite well deserved.  In the last five months since he moved in, he's chewed through three phone charging cables, has knocked my two house plants over more times than I can remember, broken four vases, including a beautiful sea urchin inspired one made for me by my pottery teacher, my paint brushes are now kept in a jam jar instead of a pretty jug and a hare ornament a friend gave me for Christmas is sadly no more.  I'm not even going to count all the things that have bounced, like the dinner plate he knocked off the cooker top earlier today but I am going to mention that he is the chief suspect in the mystery of the disappearing paintbrush bristles.  If anyone can think of a use for a flat brush with just a few remaining bristles on each end, please comment below!

Having said all that, I know his naughtiness is just a phase and one day he will calm down and crafting will become less of a challenge again. On the plus side, my older cat Marley is a lot less stressed about being left if I have to go out, and he has to a certain extent embraced his inner kitten again, which is lovely to see.  I love seeing them curled up sleeping side by side on the sofa which has happened a few times now, though at the moment you're more likely to see them both sprawled out on the floor near the fan in this hot weather, and I love watching them play.

Someone once asked me why I'd named my youngest cat after the Dog Star - my reply was that as a Harry Potter fan, Sirius (Black) was the first name that popped into my head when I met him and it just stuck.  It never occurred to me that I was naming my cat after a dog... but then, there's a certain consistency to that as my son named my older cat after the labrador in the film Marley and Me. 🙂

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