Thursday, 2 August 2018

A New Look and Raku Pottery

I've decided on a fresh new look for my blog - that red was a bit overwhelming, I hadn't realised it was so long since I last added a post, so it's definitely time for a new one!  I've also recently gone for a new look for myself too - losing my shoulder length hair in favour of a pixie cut, which I have to say feels so much more comfortable in the current warm weather.

Last time I had a drastic hair cut, I donated the surplus hair to the Little Princess Trust, who are a U.K. based charity who make wigs for children with cancer, unfortunately I've developed a few more "silver highlights" in the last few years so I'm not sure how useful the current batch is likely to be, I'm hoping they can use the hair from around the back and I've saved the greyer sides for myself and my pottery class.

I started pottery classes just over a year ago when I was looking for a distraction from a stressful situation, I have to say I find playing with clay very soothing and I love the fact that there is so many new techniques to learn.  This week was the second time I've been involved in a raku firing but the first time I've tried naked raku and horsehair raku, though no horsehair was involved... I used a feather my youngest cat Sirius removed from one of his toys and some of my spare hair.  This is the result...

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