Friday, 14 June 2013

Sue Bear

This is "Sue Bear", she was made in memory of a dear friend who died unexpectedly earlier this year.  I miss my friend dreadfully, the long conversations about anything and everything, the hard work she put into keeping our local Fibromyalgia, ME & CFS support group going, the gluten-free chocolate cupcakes she always arranged for the December meetings, her navigation skills when we went out in my car, but most of all, I miss her laugh - it was one of those infectious laughs that you just couldn't resist joining in and having a good giggle yourself!  She was truly an amazing person with such wide-ranging interests.

Sue had always encouraged me with my bears, she came up with ideas when I was stuck on how to do something and as she knew that one day I'm planning my own teddy bear's picnic story, she used to pick up little bears and other animals to play bit parts in the photographs I'll eventually take to illustrate it.

I always intended to make Sue one of my bears and I thought there would be plenty of time...  I've always had a "Teddy-to-do List" and Sue was on it - I just didn't reach her name in time.  Sue was always a keen crafter herself and some of her craft supplies and tools were left to me, in fact Sue Bear's necklace is made entirely from Sue's supplies and contains 44 beads - one for each year of Sue's life.  I chose to make this bear from green and brown fabrics because Sue had a great love for nature - and oak trees - so the colours seemed to be the right choice.

It's funny... each bear takes on it's own little personality as its made and many of my bears have quite serious expressions, but this little bear looks (to me at least) as though she has a little smile on her face.  I'm not completely sure where Sue Bear will eventually end up, I just felt that she needed to be made, but I'm sure she'll eventually end up exactly where she is supposed to be.

Hopefully I won't leave it so long before I post another blog, I've just been feeling very out of sorts lately.


  1. Aww she's lovely, and yes I think your right, she does look like she's smiling. I'm sure Sue would have loved her in all here green oaky glory. xx

  2. What a marvelous tribute to your friend - not just the bear (who is absolutely perfect and adorable) but the words you've written about her. In the end, I think that all any of us want is to know that our lives had meaning and we made a difference to someone, somewhere in this world....and its clear that Sue certainly did that.

  3. Just found your blog - very sad post but a lovely tribute to your friend. I have CFS/ME and understand the hard days we sometimes have to cope with.
    Keep well x